Welcome, you are invited to MiiAlgo's Affiliate program

MiiAlgo is visual. MiiAlgo is stunning. Most importantly, it’s a genuinely useful tool that’s easy to demonstrate.

It’s easy to demonstrate MiiAlgo’s usefulness to traders with a 5 minute video, or a 15 second shoutout.

We provide the tools, copywriting and info to help your promotion.

After your affiliate account is activated, a free MiiAlgo subscription will be provided to you.


As a valued partner, you deserve no less than 30% commission.

You continue to get paid monthly as long as your referral remains subscribed.

In dollar amounts, it’s $20.70 or $26.70 per month depending if your referral subscribed for the $69 or $89 tier.


  • Creating videos on Youtube
  • Youtube Shoutouts
  • Emails to your subscribers
  • Write about MiiAlgo in blogs and articles


  • Monthly payouts on the 7th of each month
  • Payouts through Paypal
  • Referrals that signup within 45 days gets attributed to your account.

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To join our affiliate program, sign up below and tell us more about your promotion channel at kayin@fdscanner.com