Real-Time Market Movers

MiiAlgo finds and alerts you as unusual momentum occurs for stocks. Receive a highly actionable watchlist that updates in real time, so that you focus entirely on trading and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Optimized alerts for Intraday trading

MiiAlgo curates a watchlist of stocks that are exhibiting unusually strong, directional momentum in real time.

Real-time, Algorithmically Driven

MiiAlgo identifies Market Movers by processing 15 second OHLCV bars across the US equity markets, recent ratio of liquidity to non-liquidity taking orders, change in dollar volume traded and many more.

Find Market Movers with Zero lag

When MiiAlgo picks up a Market Mover, it is sent to your dashboard instantly. You will no longer find momentum moves too late, nor spend time maintaining complex scripts and ever-changing watchlists.

With MiiAlgo you focus entirely on trading decisions, let us handle the administrative work of finding potential trades and building lists.

market mover categories

Once an early Market Mover is detected, the algorithm places it in 3 categories based on their second derivative change in price and volume and OHLCV 15 second bars over the last 15 minutes.

Majority of price movement occurred in last 3 minutes.

Price movement distributed evenly in the last 15 minutes.

Weakening Momentum, decreasing Rate of Change

Real Time Alerts + Historical Research

During trading hours, alerts are pushed to your dashboard in real time.

You can also view historical alerts and filter by ticker, starting from July 1st 2020.

You can try MiiAlgo free with 15 minutes delay, no signups required.

During market hours, the delayed watchlist starts updating from 10am.

Individual ticker research and historical data is not available in demo.

Advanced Charting tools

Momentum alerts are marked on a minutely price chart. We make it easy for you to visualize alerts and identify patterns relevant to your trading style. 

Mobile Friendly

MiiAlgo is built with mobile in mind, so you can use the app anywhere, on any device. Customize the shown columns and time format to your preference.

Consistent Movers Algorithm - Launched 3rd Oct

The new Consistent Movers algorithm finds stocks with low volatility yet significant price movements over the past 20 minutes. Once a stock is picked up by the algorithm, it will keep triggering till the trend ends or starts reversing.

The primary use case is to enter upon the beginning of a trend with tight trailing stop losses and close positions once the algorithm stops triggering for 2 minutes.

optimize your watchlist today

Try MiiAlgo for 2 weeks for $29.

Get access to real-time dashboard and historical data.

After your trial, MiiAlgo is $129$69/month for Founding Members.

 You also get access to future algorithms as they’re released.